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Welcome to THE Kirjathjearim
Lodge No. 104  |  F&AM P.H.A.

WM Jonas S. Oglesby, Jr.

I am honored and privileged to serve as the Worshipful Master of this distinguished fraternity since July 2022. As the leader of THE Kirjathjearim Lodge, I extend a warm embrace to you, our esteemed guests, and potential members, as we take a moment to share the essence of who we are and the principles that guide us.

Members of THE104 winning Lodge of the Year
WM Jonas S. Oglesby, Jr. and DDGM Chad Ivie

At THE Kirjathjearim, we hold ourselves to a standard of excellence in all endeavors, recognizing that even the smallest tasks contribute to the larger tapestry of our shared journey. My philosophy has always been simple but profound: If you're going to do something, do it RIGHT; if not, refrain from doing it at all. Upholding the sacred masonic principles of Faith, Hope, and Charity, we embody the belief in a higher power, trust in the positive outcomes of all situations, and extend charity to those in need.

As the premier Prince Hall Lodge in the jurisdiction of the state of Tennessee, we are committed to progress in both our Lodge operations and community engagement. Over the past years, we have been intentional in our actions, focusing on Community Engagement and Relief, Youth Mentoring and Empowerment, and fostering Brotherly Love and Partnerships. Our initiatives, such as The King in Me program at Tom Joy Elementary and collaborations with organizations like My Brothers Keeper Nashville, I Am STEM and others, reflect our dedication to making a positive impact.

THE Kirjathjearim has a rich history of being a working Lodge, consistently innovating in the masonic sphere. Under the current administration, we follow two guiding mission statements: Giving and Elevating Together (G.E.T.) and Remove Excuses; Focus on Solutions (R.E.F.O.S.). These principles signify our commitment to collaborative growth and the pursuit of solutions over excuses.

I invite you to explore the pages of our website and discover more about our Lodge, our initiatives, and the meaningful partnerships we've forged. May this glimpse into THE Kirjathjearim Lodge inspire you and offer valuable insights into our identity and mission.


In Service,


Jonas S. Oglesby, Jr.

Worshipful Master

THE Kirjathjearim Lodge No. 104 F&AM P.H.A.

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