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Annually, the distinguished gentlemen of THE Kirjathjearim Lodge No. 104 F.&A.M. P.H.A. demonstrate their unwavering commitment to uplifting and enhancing communities across Davidson, Wilson, and Rutherford Counties. Residing within these counties, they embody a diverse spectrum of roles: as fathers, brothers, uncles, civil servants, educators, professionals, mentors, and entrepreneurs, they actively contribute to the fabric of their communities.


Their outreach is multi-faceted, encompassing charitable donations, educational sponsorships, and the provision of essential support to the most vulnerable among us. Beyond this, they are dedicated to fostering a warm, family-friendly atmosphere in all their endeavors.


The primary funding for their benevolent activities, such as the turkey basket giveaway, Christmas toy distribution, Easter egg hunts, student sponsorships, and other gift-giving initiatives, is generously provided by THE Kirjathjearim No. 104 members. Additionally, their Annual Chicken and Waffle Social serves as a significant secondary funding source, bolstering their capacity to serve and support these charitable causes.


We invite you to join hands with THE Kirjathjearim Lodge No. 104 in their noble quest to make a lasting difference. Whether through partnerships, donations, or volunteering your time and skills, your contribution will play a pivotal role in furthering our mission of community betterment. Together, we can create a more vibrant and supportive environment for all.


For more information on how to collaborate or contribute, please reach out to us.


Let’s unite in making a positive impact!

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